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GPCOG/Maine Clean Communities’ Map of Member Municipalities’ and
Stakeholders’ EVs and EV Charging Stations in the Region

The GPCOG/Maine Clean Communities EV Lending Program has been a big success. Many of our municipalities and stakeholders have “borrowed” our Nissan LEAF for several days to a week to get firsthand experience of the new technology. With some generous grant funding from Central Maine Power (CMP), four of our member-municipalities and one stakeholder are now leasing all-electric EVs or a Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicle and six EV charging stations have been installed in the region. (One more charging station will be installed in Portland at the Elm St. garage in September.)

Check out our interactive map below and click on the red icons to watch video interviews with our member-municipalities and stakeholders about their EVs and EV charging stations:


  • Gordy Billington, Town Manager of Standish with their Ford Fusion Plug-In HybridDSCN0016
  • Dan Bacon, Planning Director, Town of Scarborough with their Nissan LEAFDSCN0089
  • Jon Jennings, Assistant City Manager and Economic Development Director, City of South Portland with their Level II and DC EV Fast Charger Stationssopo - 1
  • Mark Maritato, Environmental Health and Safety Director at ecomaine with their Nissan LEAF and Level II charging station.DSCN0043


Maine Clean Communities Lends out EV to Municipalities

Maine Clean Communities, a Clean Cities Coalition and program of the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG), was recently awarded a grant from Central Maine Power (CMP) for a two-year lease of an all-electric, Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV), and the installation of two Clipper Creek charging stations at their offices in Portland, Maine.

As part of the grant, Maine Clean Communities is collecting data of drivers’ attitudes, experiences and other data points related to vehicle use, performance, and energy costs and overall savings.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to demonstrate electric vehicle and charging technology to our Stakeholders and member municipalities, and the region as a whole,” said Steve Linnell, Coordinator, Maine Clean Communities.

Sopo EV City Hall

Steve Linnell with Mayor Tom Blake, Jon Jennings & Jim Gailey of South Portland and Gail Rice of CMP with the EV at City Hall

So far, Maine Clean Communities has handed over the “key” of the Nissan Leaf to three communities in Maine; South Portland, Portland and Scarborough. The intent is to allow municipalities to try out the vehicle firsthand. In January, the Town of Standish will borrow the vehicle, and Town Manager Gordy Billington has already seen to it that the Town has installed a Level II charging station at their Town Hall.

Even in a harsh Maine winter, Municipal staff and officials have given the vehicle rave reviews and municipal leaders are looking to start incorporating these types of vehicles into their non-emergency municipal fleets and install EV charging stations. This interest and enthusiasm coupled with the special lease program offered from Nissan, should be advantageous to municipalities all across Maine in order to reduce their use and costs of petroleum.

Maine Clean Communities Successful Grant Recipient
of an All-Electric Nissan Leaf

National EV Plug-In Day in Falmouth, Maine – September 29th, 2013

On Sunday, September 29th Maine Clean Communities joined over 20 EV owners to showcase our new Nissan Leaf at TideSmart Global in Falmouth.


Maine Clean Communities and GPCOG was recently awarded a 2-year lease of a vehicle and charging units from Central Maine Power as part of their EV competitive grant program.


Central Maine Power was in attendance as well with their Chevy Volt Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle.


There were also five Tesla EV models from the Roadster to the new Model S with owners coming in from Massachusetts and New Hampshire to show them off.

More Photos:




Jennifer Puser of Maine Clean Communities and
Adam Lee of Lee Auto at National Plug-In Day in Maine


Honda CMax Plug-In Hybrid

Ford CMax Plug-In Hybrid

More photos from the National EV Plug-In Day Facebook Page

Maine Channel 6 News Story on National EV Plug-In Day in Falmouth

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Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Pledge
Join top companies such as 3M, Coca-Cola, Dell, General Electric, Google, Siemens, and Ford in signing the Workplace Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Pledge.

Employers across the country are beginning to offer plug-in electric vehicle charging access in workplace parking lots. In order to support the deployment of workplace charging infrastructure, the Department of Energy (DOE) has launched the Workplace Charging Challenge, with the goal of a tenfold increase in U.S. employer EV charging in the next five years.

Partners who sign the Workplace Charging Pledge will:

  • Commit to assess employee charging demand and develop a plan to install charging stations.
  • Take action by implementing a plan to install charging stations for their employees.
  • Share progress on achieving plan milestones over time, as well as best practices.

Installing EV workplace charging is a sign of corporate leadership, showing a willingness to adopt advanced technology as well as increasing consumer exposure and access to EV charging opportunities. Employer-provided EV charging also serves as an appealing employee benefit that can help attract and retain a cutting-edge workforce. It also enhances corporate sustainability efforts and can be a valuable complement to employee energy education and reduction plans.

Employers who sign the Pledge will have access to DOE technical assistance, informational resources, and an information forum. Additionally, successes made by those who undertake the Pledge will be recognized and their best practices will be identified and disseminated.

To learn more about the Workplace Charging Pledge or if you’re ready to sign on, please contact Jennifer Puser at (207) 774-9891.