President Obama Requires Federal Fleet to Run on Alternative Fuels by 2015

According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), a new presidential memorandum issued in May, 2011 sets a goal of dramatically reducing the gasoline usage for the federal light-duty vehicle fleet by requiring that all new light duty vehicles leased or purchased by federal agencies must be alternative fuel vehicles by 2015. An agency may exempt vehicles used for law enforcement, protective, emergency response, or military tactical operations from the provisions of the memorandum. The memorandum classifies alternative fuel vehicles as including those that run on hybrid or electric technologies, compressed natural gas, or biofuel. In addition, federal agency alternative fuel vehicles must be located near fueling stations with available alternative fuels, and be operated on the alternative fuel for which the vehicle is designed.

Obama’s memo also suggests that federal agencies encourage the development of commercial alternative fueling options for the fleet, or that they provide flex fuel and alternative fuel pumps and charging stations at federal fueling sites.

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